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Sara Stanley

Sara Stanley is a first year Doctoral Researcher at the University of Oulu under the supervision of Karin Murris. She is an early years educator and philosophicalplay practitioner. She has worked extensively in teacher education and mentoring roles in the UK and South Africa and organised play spaces for young children in camps for displaced people in Northern France. Her role in the DCED project is entangled in research, a literacy lesson, child marine biologists, and the picturebook, How to Find Gold by Viviane Schwarz. The lesson she shared with grade 2 children was the focus for the edited collection Literacies, Literature and Learning: Reading classrooms Differently. Her current research re-turns to her MEd thesis to re-consider and re-connect with a wooden mouse as an agential cut using posthuman, postqualitative inquiry to think with the phenomena of imagination and play as philosophical pedagogy in the early years. She continues to be inspired and entangled within the DECD reading groups.