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Posthumanism Reading Group

Critical posthumanism offers a new 'post'-western epistemology and ontology, which makes us think radically differently about the (material) world and our place as humans in it (see e.g. Barad, 2007, Braidotti, 2013). Originally, the reading group was part of two funded research projects by the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa. One with Prof Vivienne Bozalek from the University of the Western Cape and Rhodes University as Principal Investigator and the other with Prof Karin Murris from the University of Cape Town (now University of Oulu) as Principal Investigators. 

Since the end of these projects, the reading group and other activities are  still going strong and now also include another NRF funded project. It offers a collegial and intellectual space for the Slow reading of texts collectively chosen and discussed. Recordings of the meetings are shared among members. Postgraduate students, academics or anyone interested in our research topics are very welcome to join any time.

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We are currently studying:

Key texts in critical posthumanism and postqualitative research methodologies


Reading groups (weekly)


Monday 7am-8am CAT

Wednesday 4pm-5pm CAT

Venue: Zoom 

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