Viviane Schwartz

Viviane Schwarz was born in Germany. As a child she spent a lot of her time inventing and making things with her family – sculptures, machines, puppets, theatres, books, super-8 animations… she would often go to museums and find new ideas for things to make, and go straight to the hardware store to pick up more materials and tools. She developed a strong interest in science and technology as well as traditional methods and crafts. She read American Literature and Linguistics at University while writing Fantasy stories. She then moved to Cornwall, England, to study.

She now holds a Master’s degree in Authorial Illustration from Falmouth College of Arts. She is an award-winning illustrator and has written many picturebooks, comics, craft books and interactive books, including How To Find Gold (2016), I Am Henry Finch (2015), Is There A Dog In This Book (2014), There Are Cats in This Book (2008), The Adventures of a Nose (2002). Her website you can find on: