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6TH SAERA CONFERENCE (2018) 22 – 24 October 2018 Hosted by The Faculty of Education, North-West Univ

Thinking together about research at the 2018 SAERA conference and our bodies assert their presence in the room where other bodies, even the glasses, sit in lines and ask questions of us. They and the water are silent but vibrate and resonate as we talk and send waves into the air. Theresa’s solidity interferes with the light and the image on the screen and Sumaya dances between the words. Words and ideas meet in the spaces between us and the colleagues who have come to listen to us, some known and some met for the first time. The lines of the desks place us a/part – so unlike the stories we are telling about working differently and enquiring together in circles, on the floor, with the material, the human and the more-than-human. A question and answer time has been programmed into a slice. The questions and answers move in only one (human) direction but eventually ooze out into new connections and possible lines of escape as we agree to reconnect through social media exchanges, reading groups and blogs.

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