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International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children (ICPIC) pre-conference seminars, La Cor

Sumaya Babamia, Rose-Anne Reynolds and Joyce West attended the ICPIC Pre-conference three day seminar in LaCorrola, Madrid, 26-28 June 2017. Karin Murris and Joanna Haynes co-facilitated the philosophical and post-qualitative research seminar. The pre-conference seminar was run in conjunction with UAM University and the Center for Philosophy for Children in Spain.

A view of the Autonomous University of Madrid, from the Erasmus Residence

3 day pre-conference seminar programmme

Details of the three day seminar programmme

Alina Reznitskaya and Felix García Moriyón - The relevance of quantitative research

Maughn Gregory ( who co-ordinated the pre-conference seminar) and Walter Kohan presenting- Ignorar, improviser, inventar: un profesor - investigador en contextos educativos.

Angelica Satiro presenting El lenguaje corporal y la evalucaión analógica

Joanna Haynes and Karin Murris presenting on philosophical and post-qualitative research in P4C

Joyce West, Evi Memali and another student chatting during a much needed break.

Rose-Anne and Sumaya, obligatory selfie for the students in the Plaza Mayor on the university campus. Its 730pm the sun is still shining, we had just finished day 1 and were ready to see Madrid!

Parque Plaza de Castilla, Madrid sunset at 9pm.

Attending the 3 day research seminar was an extraordinary experience as we were able to learn from academics, teachers and researchers who just weeks before had been reading their articles and books. It was wonderful to be learning with early years researchers, facilitators and teachers from all over the world who are embracing Philosophy for/with children. I am grateful as I am sure the other students are, for the scholarships we were able to receive from ICPIC in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid which enabled us to attend this enlightening pre-conference seminar!

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